Senya Hardy gets signed to one of the biggest agencies in the country

Congratulations to Senya Hardy, who just signed with Page Parkes Corporation. Page Parkes is the same agency that helped launch the careers of Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Hilary Duff and more!

Senya’s mom shares how Casting Hub helped make this dream come true.

“After Casting Hub sent Senya’s headshots out the last time, we received responses from a couple of management companies. On January 30th, we were contacted by Page Parkes Corporation’s national recruiter, Toni Smith. Toni said in her email that they like Senya’s photo and wanted to see more of her. We replied to Toni’s email and a meeting was set up.”

“During the meeting Senya asked a few questions about the company. When then meeting was finished, Senya did a monologue for Toni and she looked at her personality, skin, hair and teeth.  At this interview she was graded, the highest score you could get was a five.  Senya made a 4.5!”

“Toni was very nice and Senya liked her very much. Toni said she would call us that evening. Her call came and she set up a second interview with Senya for February 2nd. We arrived at the PPC office in Austin, TX, where the meeting was comfortable. Toni said that they love Senya and invited her to do 2 eight- week acting classes starting April 3rd. After the classes are completed and Senya learned everything that they want her to learn, she would be set up for auditions.”

Great job Senya. With representation like this, you certainly are going to go far!

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